Reollo influencer platform

Reollo Enterprises introduced Amplify, a creative talent management platform designed to connect brands with top tier influencers from around the world.

According to Reollo, the platform which spans across the full spectrum from fitness and fashion, nutrition and wellbeing to lifestyle and travel, is the first of its kind to be ever launched in the Maldives.

“As marketing and advertising continues to evolve at the speed of light, it is becoming more and more challenging to be heard and be seen in today’s crowded marketplace”, Reollo said.

Reollo influencer platform

“Amplify is a platform that will help individual businesses, brands as well as the destination as a whole embrace next level marketing by fully harnessing the power of social media”.

Powered by Reollo Travel, one of the leading travel agencies in the Maldives, Amplify aims to be “a full-service solution, offering talent management to some of the top creative content developers in the world while providing a comprehensive influencer marketing solution to companies to help position and showcase their brand and offerings in unexpected and spectacular ways”.


According to the developer, Amplify continues to build and grow a database of powerful content creators and influencers from all corners of the world and helps them connect with brands and agencies and helps establish authentic and meaningful partnerships.

Although reach and following could be considered as some of the top considerations, Roello stated the success of a brand’s campaign is highly dependent on aligning talent with the brand values and ensuring the influencer’s audience match the brand’s target audience.

“Amplify helps you craft your campaign, tailored to your unique requirements”.

Furthermore, from handling the negotiations, contract and deliverables, Amplify is designed to work in collaboration with the influencers and the brands themselves to “create high impact campaigns for the to generate the greatest visibility and engagement within the social space”.

The platform also provides a space to develop impactful content that would spark meaningful connections with audiences and ensure that it is aligned to the brand’s strategy and identity, Roello said.

Moreover, Amplify will also provide a full 360° view with post campaign analytics which would give the user a complete insight into the performance of their campaigns.

“Pairing inspiration with innovation, Amplify will change the way local agencies and brands plan their marketing strategies”. lThe developer noted that at a day and age where global forces have created unprecedented disruptions to our travel industry, “Amplify will be a life ring to ensure that the destination itself continues to buzz while the industry tries to find its footing once more”.

“Instilling Inspiration and trust is now paramount for travel activation. Amplify will be a key catalyst for this very movement”.