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Reollo Construction Pvt. Ltd. specializes in complex construction developments and project & logistics management in remote locations. The company was formed in 2006 specifically to address the needs of various international NGOs engaged in post-tsunami reconstruction work in Maldives, which were experiencing great logistical difficulties in executing their projects effectively in the dispersed geography of the Maldives

Reollo Construction

Through the company’s extensive project management experience and knowledge of the local conditions in the Maldives and our understanding of the challenges faced in carrying out projects in remote locations, Reollo Construction was been able to expedite the completion of numerous reconstruction projects to the high standards required by these organizations, at very competitive costs. This ability is illustrated by the number of projects carried out for the same organizations and their sister agencies as a result of the high recommendations given.

When NGO activities in Maldives come to an end, the company leveraged its reputation for getting the job done on time and in challenging locations to move into resort construction and government public infrastructure contracts. The company has taken on multiple large-scale resort, residential and airport development projects.

Projects completed in the last 10 years include:/

  • Niyama Maldives Resort Phase I & II
  • Kandima Maldives Resort
  • Dhaalu Regional Airport, Maldives
  • The Nautilus, Maldives
  • Manta Aviation headquarters, hanger and MRO facilities
  • Basimaa Villa10 storey residential tower
Reollo Construction
Dhaalu Regional Airport, Maldives

Summary Profile/

Legal Title

Reollo Construction Private Limited is a Company registered in accordance with Company Act 10/96 with the Registrar of Companies, Republic of Maldives



  • Mr. Sanjay Ibrahim Maniku, (Maldivian)
  • Mr. Umar Mohamed Maniku,  (Maldivian)
  • Mr. Mohamed Khaleel, (Maldivian)


Business Address

4thFloor, M Kaneeru Villa,  Orchid Magu, Male’, Maldives 20066

Business Contact

T:         +960  3346004

F:         +960  3346004





The Mauritius Commercial Bank (Maldives) Private Limited

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KPMG – Maldives


Resort and hotel construction


Housing Apartments


Institutions and schools developement


Commercial buldings and Malls

The Future

The Reollo Group is actively expanding its operations by focusing on excellence in all our core businesses.

Reollo Construction will build on its reputation for delivering high quality projects on time in difficult locations and will focus its attentions to gaining larger contracts in resort development and larger public infrastructure projects in the Maldives and other remote locations.